Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame: Abba vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame: Abba vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame has announced its nominees for 2010. It’s a great list: ABBA, Darlene Love, Donna Summer, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, KISS, Laura Nyro, LL Cool J, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Chantels, The Hollies, and The Stooges.

The obvious question is: who the Smurf thinks that Abba is Rock’n’Roll, or Donna Summer for that matter? I happen to think Abba are one of the best bands ever, but Rock’n’Roll? Please! From a songwriting perspective, however, I think that there are only two horses in this race: the Red Hot Chili Peppers and… Abba. Songwriting is not the only criterion for the Hall of Fame, needless to say. Yet as much as I respect and enjoy Jimmy Cliff, Kiss and Donna Summer, the Peppers and Abba are the better writers. So as I have already eliminated Abba on the grounds of not being rockers, that leaves the Red Hot Chili Peppers as my favourite. Shame Willy DeVille didn’t make it onto the shortlist. The blurb can be found on

So what about you lot? Who are you tipping, and why?

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6 thoughts on “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame: Abba vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. I like what you have wrote here and I would agree with your choice. However a lot needs to be said about this so called Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Firstly the hall of fame doesn’t just contain rock n roll greats but soul and pop legends from past. I think its an absolute insult that Madonna is already in the hall of fame and ABBA is not. Madonna has used some of ABBAs fantastic music to get where she is today! I think the name of this should be changed from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to The Music Hall of Fame. ABBA being one of the only all time super groups should of been in this hall of fame a long time ago. They are also only statistically behind to the Beatles on record sales which goes as far as to say that they are very special and more talented than most of the people and groups already in this so called hall of fame. Its a joke in my opinion.

  2. Excellent point: if Madonna can be in there, why not call it the Music Hall of Fame or the Pop Music Hall of Fame? As it stands, it’s a bit schizophrenic.


  3. Hey Michael Somthing else I just realise about this joke of a hall of fame is that The Seekers are not even in it. You seem like someone that appreciates music take a look at the performances on youtube from back in 68 and the repeat performances 25 years later!

    How can these people ignore the fantastic sound of The Seekers and the Angelic voice of Judith Durham not to mention the massive contribution they have made to rock n roll.

    Baz aged 35 😀

    I have now concluded this hall of fame is a joke

  4. kiss, the stooges, the red hot chili peppers, the hollies, and genesis are the only bands worthy to be inducted. like its called the rock n roll hall of fame not the piece of shit rap hall of fame, rap is terrible and should never have been acknowledged as a genre of music

  5. There is no doubt about it that the Seekers should be in the Rock n Roll hall of fame if Simon and Garfunkel are in it. They made Paul Simon’s songwriting a hit in the UK
    If Musical Excellence is the main criterion, then they should be a shoe in.

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