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It’s amazing just how important the lyrics of songs are – even to me. “Song lyrics” as a theme is very often amongst the top 10 search terms on the web. Rap lyrics cause outrage. Handwritten lyrics sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And since 2003, people have been checking for news about lyrics and the people that write them.

A little background: I sang in a band years ago, and always kept writing words for people, sometimes as a favour – hence the nickname “the Accidental Lyricist”. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some Class-A nutcases and popheads, from proto-Grunge outfit La Muerte to CB Milton and Rudy Giovannini.

To contact me:

The Write Stuff
Rue de Haerne 192
B-1040 Brussels

Tel: 00 322 644 02 30
(I’m in the same time zone as Paris, if that helps). To send a message: Michael @

But enough about me, go search for a theme or song that interests you.

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6 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi,

    That URL had an error too (which I corrected)! Send a link to the videos. And what’s the story with Holland? Did you get a label to license the track?


  2. Thanks Joe.

    But I don’t critique. Why don’t you find some co-writers to work with? It’s how I started, and how I still work exclusively.


  3. Hi, I have several albums of Rene Froger and came across a song on u-tube, called Goodbye. He sang this with Sylvia Samson. As you say what an incredible voice. Bought the song/video on I-Tunes but cannot seen to find any of her Albums anywhere. Could you advise please?
    Dr Allen Killick

  4. As far as I know, she has had no album release.

    You’ve actually touched on a sore point, as I worked on several tracks with her a few years back and was blown away by her singing.
    Yet we never managed to get a release.

    It’s another of these heart-breaking situations in showbiz when everything is in place but nothing happens anyway.

    Thanks for asking, though!


  5. I have 40 years of writing songs with no lyrics and poems I would love somebody important to read some… Please!

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