This is where you’ll find various bits and pieces of music that have been recorded using my lyrics. They are from a wide range of styles with different musicians and singers, and some I’ll throw in just for the fun. It’ll be updated more or less regularly.

If you want to licence these or other tracks of mine or you want to cover them, just drop a note and I’ll sort things out quickly. We control the rights to many of the songs, so it can go quite quickly in many cases.

Some of these are “Potato” files, which means if you buy one, you can then spread it around and earn a commission. If you have a website, please feel free to post the links.

  • Available songsIt’s Gotta Be Love“, a sassy retro-Disco sound[audio:Gottabelove.mp3]

    I’m Not Looking“, about the realization that fulfilment does not come from other people (ooh, is that deep or what?)


    I Oughta Know By Now“, a feeling I’ve had a few times


    Heaven is Never“, a slick and soulful mid-tempo


    Open Your Heart“, a pretty big hit for CB Milton a few years back. It’s just dying for someone to cover it! I’ll post more of these songs later.

    [audio:Open Your Heart.mp3]

    CB Milton on iTunes”Angel” This was originally intended for a major French rock star (only a bribe will unseal my lips) and has been re-arranged several times over the years. Chris Christoffels wrote the melody. Muzzy Horn sings on this version and adds that tasteful blues guitar in the middle. Herman Martin did the arrangement. Ta to both. Incidentally, the banner at the top of the page features some of the lyrics. I didn’t dress them up: Herman did actually spill his tea on the lyric sheet!


  • Strong

Another song that started out as something completely different. Now it’s a reggae choon featuring Irie grrrrl Mika and the inimitable Full Contact Poet Dread Likoto, toasting in Lingala (street language from Kinshasa) and English.

  • Perry Rose

Perry is a brilliant singer with whom I’ve been writing for a number of years. I’m quite proud of some of the stuff we worked on, particularly “On my Knees”, “Maybe I” and probably his best known track so far: “Glasgow”.

iTunes US

iTunes UK

  • Vermist

With Steve Willaert, I wrote the end title song, “Waiting” for this mini-blockbuster. We also wrote a song for the equally successful TV series, in the episode called “Kika”. A DVD of the whole series is available.


Viva Strauss on Spotify

Viva Strauss on Deezer

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