Tip of the week: Superbus

Tip of the week: Superbus

A perfect pop band (Superbus) playing a perfect pop tune (“Heart of Glass”). It doesn’t get much better than this on a rainy Friday. But what about the words?

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out, had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing, only to find
Mucho mistrust – Love’s gone behind

Once I had a love and it was divine
Soon found out I was losing my mind
It seemed like the real thing, but I was so blind
Mucho mistrust – Love’s gone behind

Well, it’s pop music isn’t it? Easy to remember, easy to sing. It’s interesting to note that the expression “Heart of Glass” is not in the chorus. The only thing I can knock is the “mucho mistrust” phrase, which is quite a mouthful if you’re in a hurry (or foreign).

Apart from that, we are close to pop perfection. What do you think?

The funny thing is that Blondie were largely known as a New Wave band, and this track was added to the album “Parallel Lines” just to add variety. “We didn’t expect the song to be that big,” according to composer and guitarist Chris Stein. “We did it as a novelty item… It’s not selling out, it’s only one song.”

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