Whatever happened to CB Milton?

Whatever happened to CB Milton?

One of the very best vocalists I’ve ever worked with is hands down CB Milton. I’ve often asked people for news, as he slipped off the map. Producer Kristof HermĂ© put me on the trail again, leading me to the documentary “Playing for Change”. This superb extract of various musicians playing “Stand by Me” features him at about 1.50″, billed as Clarence Bekker. I see he still has to stand about a metre from the microphone. This is one LOUD singer, believe me. I saw him sing “Redemption Song” a-capella without a mike in a huge venue in Amsterdam many years ago. Fantastic clip overall.

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to CB Milton?

  1. Beautiful song and also a reunion of those great singers, music doesn’t have frontiers!-PerĂș

  2. Are there any other songs that CB has sung which aren’t eurodance music that’s available? It sounds like the only way to hear him is at a show. His voice is so soulful in this version of Stand By Me, no doubt my favorite. I’ve gotta hear more. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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