What the Beck?

What the Beck?

Beck: “Odelay� deluxe edition

Beck’s label makes mistake in lyrics

I had to sympathise with Beck’s record label. While preparing the layout of a deluxe edition of his album “Odelay”, someone pasted in lyrics to the track “The New Pollution” that they found on a website. So the line “she’s alone in the new pollution” was actually printed as “she’s alone in the new delusion”. As mistakes go, that one’s not too bad. But then they forgot to replace them with the real lyrics.

By the way, Beck is still on Amazon!

This just proves once again what I have often said about the accuracy of the free lyric websites. How is it possible to make a mistake in the line that is actually the title of the song? I’m also sure that if you trawled a number of lyric sites, you’d find the same mistake duplicated numerous times.

Incidentally, Beck’s co-writers on the track are John King and Mike Simpson (funny how no-one ever mentions the co-writers). For some interesting notes on how the track has changed over time drop over to WhiskeyClone.

“Scratch” vocals

Staying with Beck lyrics for a while, I note that he has come clean about some of the earlier tracks, admitting to Rolling Stone that some of the words were ad-libbed. “Most… were scratch vocals,” he said. “We just grew attached to them.” They include the lines:

She’s got cigarette on each arm
She’s got the lily-white cavity crazes
She’s got a carburettor tied to the moon
Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages

“New Pollution”.

Hmm. That explains a lot. Can I stop looking for meanings then?

9 thoughts on “What the Beck?

  1. I have often wondered about the quality of some lyric sites.
    “She’s got the Lily white cavity crazes”……nice….

  2. Yes they made mistakes.. But they also have sections on that particular page, where anyone can participate & correct the lyrics by themselves. I think that’s a good thing.

  3. i have often get mistakes in lyrics. I always comment on the pages to correct it. Writer need to pay full attention.

  4. I think that’s a good idea to correct song lyrics by themselves.. But they can also correct sections on that particular page, where anyone can participate and correct the lyrics.

  5. Noone is perfect in this entire world. We all do mistakes at some point and it is just lyrics’ mistake. It is just perfectly fine.

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