Lyrics top search engine results

Lyrics top search engine results

I sometimes get the feeling I’m repeating myself. According to the British site Wordtracker, song lyrics topped the “surge report” for the last 48 hours. Wordtracker tracks topics used on a variety of engines. The reason I feel I’m repeating myself is that I have posted similar comments several times already. Yup, people seem interested in lyrics. Here’s the Top 10 in the surge report (topics that have increased over a given period of time):

1 music lyrics
2 britney spears
3 game cheats for ps2
4 google
5 ps 2 game cheats
6 ebay
7 myspace
9 brittany spears
10 stocking stuffers

To be complete, “music lyrics” came up in the 8th position for overall searches over the past 90 days.

By the way, it’s interesting to see the number of people that still misspell Britney Spear’s name (topics 2 and 9)! And what can be said about the people that use a search engine to find Google?

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