McCartney lyrics for sale

McCartney lyrics for sale

Everyone loves a good Beatles song. But how much? How much would you give to own some original handwritten Beatles lyrics? Auctioneers at Christie’s in New York have put an estimate value of £167,000 or $300,000 for a copy of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, handwritten by Sir Paul McCartney. Quoted on, Christie’s spokeswoman Helen Hall says, “McCartney lyrics rarely appear on the market and have not appeared for about six years.” Also up for sale at Christie’s Rock and Pop Memorabilia auction on 4 December are love letters written by Bob Dylan and a 60-minute recording of an interview with John Lennon.

The last time lyrics by Lennon turned up, incidentally, they didn’t meet the asking price. By the way, I wonder how Dylan feels about having love letters going under the hammer at Christie’s? It would spook me a little. How would you feel?

UPDATE: The lyrics were eventually sold for $192,000 (£97,000) despite being estimated at $200-300,000.

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