Nu Groove alert: Plan B from London

Nu Groove alert: Plan B from London

In the first of an occasional series, we can’t help throwing a metaphorical coin into the cap of Plan B, a 21 year-old Londoner that stands up and raps (for want of a better word) about the world around him. “When people hear ‘Kids’ on radio, everything they’re scared of about the city is in their face and they can’t handle it. One caller asked me, ‘Do you really think you can change things?’ I’m just trying to educate youths differently, hold up a mirror to them.”

Plan B often plays solo with an acoustic guitar, drawing comparisons with Billy Bragg rather than 50 Cent. “No Good/Sick 2 Def” is released in the UK on Dec 19.

Check his details and “Kidz” on Pure Groove. He’s worth it.

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