RIP: Scott Walker

Scott Walker

RIP: Scott Walker

From Walker Brothers star to creative powerhouse

The American singer Scott Walker has died at the age of 76 according to 4AD, the British label to which he had signed in 2006. Born under the name Noel Scott Engel in 1943, he began his career as a bassist and changed his name when he joined the Walker Brothers trio in 60s London.

The star, especially known for the titles “The Sun Don’t Shine Anymore” and “Make it Easy”, was described by his label as “one of the most respected innovators in the field of creative music”. 

At one time, the Walker Brothers were as popular as any pop band of their day, driving hysteria at all of their appearances. Walker later became more reclusive, like “other people that have known that level of celebrity”.

Innovative songwriting within a pop format

Although it often said that he inspired David Bowie, Alain Bashung and others, the influence might not be directly felt. It is probably in his dedication to innovative writing within a pop format that the inspiration was most evident.

In addition to his own albums, Walker also wrote music for theatre and movies (including “The Childhood of a Leader”). In 2017, the BBC paid tribute to Scott with a Proms Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Marc Almond and Radiohead are among the many musicians that have paid tribute to Walker since his death.

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  1. Absolutely saddened shocked by the death of Scott Walker. He gave me so much inspiration so much I owe to him and modelled on him even down to my early S C hair cut and dark glasses. He cemented my love for Brel. He was enigmatic, mysterious and with some of his latter recordings, to me, infuriating. An absolute Musical genius, existential and intellectual and a Star right from the days of the Walker Brothers. So many of his songs will go round in my head forever. And that Voice. We lost Bowie now we’ve lost him. There is surely a crack in the Universe. Thank you Scott.

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