Jesse Abraham Wins Lyricist Of The Year At The UMA

Jesse Abraham Wins Lyricist Of The Year At The UMA

I must admit that I didn’t even know the Underground Music Awards had a lyric section, nor did I know hip-hop performer Jesse Abraham. But what the heck: any opportunity to salute a fellow lyricist is a good one!

In the past year and a half Abraham has released two mixtapes (Alphabutter and XS) and two albums (Bars & NoBull and One Day) while continuing to make a name for himself as a live hip-hop performer on the east coast of the US. His music has been featured in XXL Magazine and his videos currently have more than 20,000 total views on YouTube. His award at the Underground Music Awards might give him that extra push.

Lyricist of the year 2011
When asked about the Lyricist of the Year nod, Jesse replied, “lyrics have always been a priority for me, as I consider myself to be a writer before a musician. I’m very grateful for the recognition, as I truly would have been happy to hear that my work was simply on the committee’s radar at all. As an MC, there’s no greater compliment than someone telling me that they respect my writing. That’s my craft.”

Although his latest album, ‘One Day’, did not take home the UMA Album of the Year that it was nominated for, critics throughout the online world are heralding the project. says, “Jesse Abraham delivers lyrical wizardry on this LP; Jesse really laces each track like he’s auditioning for the entire world,” while says, “Luckily, there are still MCs out there that are honest, are not afraid to be themselves and to have fun, yet still spit high-quality lyrics. Jesse Abraham is one of those MCs.”

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