Carosel: keep it simple, stupid

Carosel: keep it simple, stupid


Carosel – I’m Sorry (Official Video) from carosel on Vimeo.


A friend tipped me off about this band, actually from my neck of the woods in Dublin. I haven’t seen them live nor know their work. All I can say is that there are times when you stand back and let the songwriting do the work.

“I’m Sorry” is a very straightforward contemporary ballad. Carosel seem to have made the most of a trip to Paris to shoot a very straightforward contemporary video too. There are times when you really can keep it simple, stupid. This is one of them, and my tip of the week.

UPDATE: I have since learnt that Carosel are now actually based in Paris “for inspiration, beauty and [the] artistic vitality of the city”.

UPDATE 2: The band has since split up, which is a very great shame.

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