Classic Dylan handwritten lyrics for auction

Classic Dylan handwritten lyrics for auction

Handwritten Bob Dylan lyrics
The Times They are a-Changing

Collectors will surely swoop on the upcoming auction of Bob Dylan’s handwritten lyrics for “The Times They Are a-Changing” that will take place in Sotheby’s on December 10, 2010. The song is iconic, defining the mood of protest and change in the sixties. On top of that, the actual manuscript is suitably battered and worn – which only adds to the appeal.

I hadn’t read the lyrics of what is arguably his best-known song for some time, and must say that they are remarkably straightforward. Simple, even. Interesting that he wrote “by Bob Dylan” at the top of the page with the title at the bottom. Had he not decided the final title when writing the words? Also, he was apparently very careless with lyric sheets, discarding them once he had the words down by heart. So why write his name on them?

Anyway, collectors should be ready to cough up $200-300,000 for the manuscript. Something tells me that this is one auction that will meet its estimate price.notes.

One thought on “Classic Dylan handwritten lyrics for auction

  1. As I suspected, the Dylan lyrics did very well at auction, eventually going for $442,000. The owner is now art collector and hedge fund manager Adam Sender (no jokes about the lyrics being returned to sender, OK?).

    I get the feeling that the economic crisis actually played in the auction’s favour, as people are investing outside traditional areas. I suppose there is an irony in seeing Dylan’s lyric sheets being owned by a financier. But markets don’t do irony.


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