The Eagles’ Joe Walsh claims song back from politician

The Eagles’ Joe Walsh claims song back from politician

Yep, they’ve done it again. Every publishing contract that I have ever signed obliges the publisher to request my permission if the song is to be used in a political campaign. Yet very often, politicians skip over that detail and decide to use music they like or think appropriate.

In a recent spat between The Eagles’ Joe Walsh and a politician of the same name, the composer has asked the politician to desist from using a re-written version of his song “Lead the Way”. The politician claims it is a parody, which I don’t think it is – it’s a clear re-write for political purposes.

It would be interesting to see what a court would say about this, but I doubt it will get that far.

2 thoughts on “The Eagles’ Joe Walsh claims song back from politician

  1. There was a similar case in France recently, where the UMP party used a track called “Tous ceux qui veulent changer le monde” (all those that want to change the world) as performed by Marie Mai as a lipdub. They asked authorisation once and were refused by the label. They then contacted the writers and publishers (Luc Plamondon notably), paid the rights and used the wrong master. Not surprisingly, the label and performer sued them. So they’ll have to pay an extra €35,000 reportedly. As someone said, it’s probably the best-paid unknown song this year!

  2. I just checked and these are indeed the figures being talked about. So the UMP party will have paid just under €70,000 for use of the song. Makes you think: who needs iTunes and new business models when bodies cough up money like that without a fight?


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