Perry Rose co-writes with my comments

Perry Rose co-writes with my comments

The way music is licenced around the world means that I have no control over where the tracks I work on eventually crop up. As Perry Rose has played quite a lot in France, just about all his albums are available on Amazon France as MP3s.

I have to say: Perry Rose is truly one of the best melody writers I know, in addition to being a great singer and songwriter. His Irish roots are also pretty clear to see (check the liner notes on the compilation “Celtic Circus” where he talks about the Duffy Circus in Ireland – he has circus roots on both sides of his family).

I’ve written lyrics with him on nearly every album over the past ten years, and seen him countless times in concert. It’s always interesting to work as a lyricist for someone regularly, as you get to know each other and know what will work well.

Amazon have a neat widget, so I made a selection of our co-writes over the years and added comments for each track. My faves are “On my Knees” and “Down to the Sea”, but there’s not one track here I’m not proud of.

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