2 Unlimited to reform?

2 Unlimited to reform?

"No Limits" by 2 UnlimitedThe e-mail has been heating up with a rumour that 2 Unlimited are about to reform. The group was one of the 90s most successful pop acts, racking up millions of sales on the back of hits such as “No Limits and “Jump for Joy” and popularising the boy-girl duo as a format. The group ended in considerable acrimony, however, so what are the chances of them actually reforming?

I played a minor role in 2U, providing lyrics to tracks such as “Desire”, “Where are you Now” and one of the last singles, “Nothing Like the Rain“. Coincidentally, I ran into one of the original producer/writers last week, Phil Wilde. I also came across singer Anita Doth’s site that lists her upcoming appearances until December 2009 (busy girl!). And there are indeed at least two confirmed dates billed as “A&R with 2 Unlimited Hits”.

What does this mean? First, it means Anita & Ray are on speaking terms, contrary to many rumours. But as far as I know, they can’t perform as 2 Unlimited as the name actually belongs to the producers who had started recording as such before the pair were brought in. And as far as I know, the name is part of the disagreement. These situations are always unfortunate, but not infrequent in the music biz.

So no, 2 Unlimited are not reforming. But you can still see them if you want. Check out Unlimited Ways for the show dates in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia and Belgium.

What would be your dream set-list for a 2 Unlimited show?

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  1. Yes! It’s true! I have the albums “No limits” and “Hits unlimited”, and I see your name on the credits: M. Leahy. I see your name appears on “Where are you Now”, “Kiss me bliss me”, “Invite me to trance” and, “Nothing Like the Rain”. Is that a minor role? That’s great!
    Which other lyrics did you write? (Desire, and…?)

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Writing the lyrics is not a minor role, you’re right. But I didn’t have much to do with the global phenomenon that was 2 Unlimited as a group. Great memories though, and I’m still proud of some of those songs. I even have a copy of “Nothing Like the Rain” in Spanish. Yep, I also wrote “Desire”, which I think was one of the first tracks I worked on.

    At the time, people almost laughed at me as 2 Unlimited were considered a one-hit wonder that would never sell albums. They told me I was wasting my time. How wrong they proved to be, eh? Five worldwide hit albums is remarkable. But it’s true that at the time you never really know if something is going to work.


  3. Hi Michael

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  4. re: 2 Unlimited. A report in the UK press recently confirmed that Anita and Ray are working together, following the success of their shows earlier this year. But what the reports are not mentioning is that it is very unlikely that they will be recording as 2 Unlimited, as the name belongs to the production company, not the artists. This is because Ray and Anita were brought in after 2 Unlimited was created by Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde. Even though Phil is working with them, they can not use the 2 Unlimited name unless everyone agrees. I can’t see that happening given the current situation.

    That’s showbiz, folks.


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