Licensing songs from A-Lyric

Licensing songs from A-Lyric

I’ve been doing little pre-spring cleaning. Someone pointed out that it was quite difficult to find the songs that I had worked on myself on the site – and she had a point. So I’ve simplified things a little. I removed the ringtones that no one was interested in and re-named a page Songs/Licensing. The reason is that singers and publishers drop by the site occasionally, and now know where to go for new sounds. I’ve posted a number of tracks that are available for singers, and a few older ones that are ripe for licensing for TV/advertising or for covers by new artists. You’ll find them on the Songs/Licensing page.

What I’ve also done is feature a guest song, this time by Amanda Ghost. Check them out.

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  1. Problem solved (I think). Feel free to complain if the code is acting up as I’m partly responsible!


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