Topical tip: 10cc in “Wall Street Shuffle”

Topical tip: 10cc in “Wall Street Shuffle”

They seem like more innocent days. Here is the British group 10cc with their 1974 hit “Wall Street Shuffle”. And if you’re looking for further proof of the power of a good lyric, 10cc provide it once again.

It’s hardly surprising that the group knocks the greed of Wall St, and I’m surprised more radios are not playing the track these days. Wall Street is not exactly a moving target when it comes to slamming dodgy ethics or morals.

Do the Wall Street shuffle
Hear the money rustle
Watch the greenbacks tumble
Feel the Sterling crumble

But the funny thing is that the track shows the power of a good lyric (and some people’s blindness to irony, apparently), as there are numerous finance blogs and articles called “Wall Street Shuffle”. So they are associating themselves with the criticisms raised by the song. Odd, in a Gordon Gekko “greed is good” sort of way.

The song itself is a mid-tempo “classic” rock with a pretty unremarkable melody. It’s the words that do it.

Oh, Howard Hughes
Did your money make you better?
Are you waiting for the hour
When you can screw me?
`Cos you’re big enough
To do the Wall Street Shuffle
Let your money hustle
Bet you’d sell your mother
You can buy another
Doin’ the….
Doin’ the….
Wall Street shuffle…

The song is credited to Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman.

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