Eurovision: One MP moans about the English lyrics

Eurovision: One MP moans about the English lyrics

I sometimes wonder if there’s a large book with complaints one can make about Eurovision entries that people pull out every year. French MP Jacques Myard is complaining that France’s Eurovision is partly in English. Post-modern dandy Sebastien Tellier’s “Divine” is in English (of sorts). Almost predictably, a number of politicians have taken it upon themselves to chastise the television company and label for choosing it.
The complaint is an old one: why is France representing itself in English? It’s a good enough question, as Edith Piaf’s biopic continues to generate huge interest in chanson around the world. But it’s also a pointless question. Lots of artists perform in English these days.

It’s just a shame Tellier couldn’t find a lyricist, and resorted to stream-of-consciousness drivel such as:

Oh oh oh
I’m alone in life to say
I love the Chivers anyway
‘Cause Chivers look divine

Oh oh oh I’m
Looking for a band today
I see the Chivers anyway
I ‘ll be a Chivers guy some day
In my mind

Yegads. Here’s a good candidate for misunderstood lyrics! As one of the posters on the YouTube page said, “At least if we’re going to win, we’ll do it in style.” Amandine de le Richardière is credited as co-lyricist.

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