We’ve moved, we’ve changed

We’ve moved, we’ve changed

Thanks for dropping by. As you can see, we have moved – and I’m still in the process of unpacking virtual boxes. The new design is easier to use, and faster. Plus you can now navigate by Tags such as Tribute, RIP, Awards and Meanings. I’ve put a few in on this article for you to try (at the top of the post).

The Search box is fun, as I recovered some articles going back to July 2002. Either type in an artist you’re looking for, or go wild card with a random word. Try “diarrhoea” for starters 😉

Where is the Lyric Search?

As I said, I’m still unpacking. The lyric search will be back shortly, don’t worry. If you’ve landed here following a link that doesn’t work, simply type the name of the artist into the Search box (right). All the pages are still here, I just re-arranged everything and it will take some time for the search engines to update them. Thanks for sticking with me.

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