Bowwow: Fresh Azimiz

Bowwow: Fresh Azimiz

BowwowI’m still getting an AWFUL lot of requests for this one, so I thought I’d give it a look. Some heavyweight talent is involved in this track, which plays well on radio.

But I hope I don’t ruffle too many feathers when I say I feel cheated on the actual lyrics. The title is cool enough. It reminds when the British group Slade used to have hits written in pidgin (“Skweeze me Pleeze Me”). It’s been done a lot since, of course. But a title like “Fresh Azimiz” (“Fresh As I am”) has potential. But basically, all we get is another list of things “I” is best at, something that has been done countless times in recent years.

But I’ll let you judge. Click “Read more” to find the lyrics.

“Fresh Azimiz”

[Chorus: Jermaine Dupri & J-Kwon]

Ye ain’t ridin (ye ain’t ridin)
Ye ain’t bumpin like I’m bumpin’
Ye ain’t sayin nuthin homie
Ye ain’t fresh azimiz
Ye ain’t got it (ye ain’t got it)
You don’t keep it thuggin like I keep it thuggin’
Lil buddy you ain’t fresh azimiz

Ye ain’t big (big) whippin’
Ye ain’t steady tip tippin’
No girl gettin homie
You ain’t fresh azimiz
Think ye iz (think ye iz)
But cha ain’t (but cha ain’t)
Think you can get it crunk like me but you can’t

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
When I was 8 I was rhymin not back yard game playin’
Watchin Snoop anxiously and waitin for my chance man
Hot and cocky wit it cause I kno that I am man
I’m goin down in history like American Band stand
I stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope man
I stay on the top cause I keep comin wit dough man
You steady watchin stealin but there ain’t no hope man
You dealin wit somethin bigger than the US oh man
And ain’t no jokin’
Fresh like fatlaces and dukey ropes and I keep on smokin’
Young but I’m ready so that means I’m strokin’
Look at me now days girl a dog is pokin’
Addicted to it J.D. say I got it bad
18 nigga makin more than yo dad see
They think they doin it but I’ma out do ’em
If you know somebody like that pull up and say to ’em

[Chorus: J.D. & J-Kwon]

[Verse 2: Mike Jones]
Ice Age in the buildin’
Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones (Mike Jones)

A lot of people said I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t do that
So I came back with a platinum plat, now Ice Age is on the map
Stackin’ stacks, flippin’ ‘llacs, everything I roll black-on-black
First album sold over a mill’, second album gon’ double that
Ice Age we in the place, puttin’ diamonds all in their face
Platinum plus and seven months, in other words I’m livin’ great
I stay flossin’ that candy paint, stay sippin’ that purple drank
Stay grippin’ that woodgrain, can’t help it, it’s a Texas thing
Ghea, you know like Bun B, I gotta keep it trill
I told Johnny, Paul Wall want that ice in his grill
Ghea, you know like Bun B, I gotta keep it trill
I told Johnny, Paul Wall want that ice in his grill
Ghea, before I go, I gotta say one thing
April 18th, “The American Dream,” (Mike Jones, Mike Jones)
Before I go, I gotta say one thing
April 18th, “The American Dream” (holla at me)

[Chorus: J.D. & J-Kwon]

[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
I got a spot in MIA to get away from the cold weather
Talk around town as if I’m wit’ Ciara
Bow fall off nigga that’ll be never
I’m rich (yea I’m rich) I can do whatever
I get a kick outta shuttin’ suckas down in the parkin lot
Especially when they tryin’ to stunt thinking they hot
All out the window talking loud like they runnin’ my block
That’s when I come through (come through) and all that stop
And ain’t another younger keep it fresh like dis man
Every year, same time come wit them hits man
Tired of makin’ girls fall out wit’ a kiss man
Well listen and you’re stuck in music just like quick sand
Older people say that lil’ young dude sick man
Young A.I. and we cru thick man
Difference between me and you is you be bricklin’
And I ain’t never ever done that before (no)

[Chorus: J.D. & J-Kwon]

“Fresh Azimiz” was written by Jermaine Dupri and Phillips James Elbert. Published by EMI Music/Air Control Music/Basajamba Music/Shaniah Cymone Music.

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