Robbie Williams song in trouble

Robbie Williams song in trouble

Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams, the loudmouth former member of Take That, is back in the news. It is now widely known that Williams was very unhappy during his boy band days. And according to Williams, a lot of the blame for that should be laid at the door of the then-manager Nigel Martin-Smith. In his upcoming album “Rudebox” he lays into the the manger in a song that has created a major fuss. Lawyers are currently exchanging letters over the lyrics to a song called “The 90s” in which Williams explains he used to fantasise about playing with knives around the manager’s eyes. He also sings, “Either you’re a thief or you’re shit, which one will you admit to?”

Martin-Smith is demanding the track be removed from the album, and all preview copies withdrawn at the risk of libel. Williams’ and EMI’s lawyers are taking it seriously. Inevitably, however, this will be the first question on the lips of journalists for the coming 12 months. So one wonders of Martin-Smith is doing the smartest thing in actually drawing attention to the issue.

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