BBC rapped over lyrical content

BBC rapped over lyrical content

The debate concerning lyrical content will seemingly never go away. Faced with a marked increase in violence, Britain is asking questions about the media’s role. New Conservative leader David Cameron recently pointed the finger at the media and local rappers that “promote” weapons and violence. One of the rappers, Lethal Bizzle, has since hit back publicly, saying that Cameron was a “doughnut” and that, “Music is not to blame; there are problems and violence in all parts of society. You should look deeper at what’s wrong in society and help to make changes.” It’s a bit of an easy cop-off, as Bizzle is as guilty as anyone of singing about violence. Does he think he is part of the solution or the problem when he sings..

OW yea I’m lethal da B

POW if u don’t know about me

POW better ask some one quickly

coz POW

yea im POW

yeaow POW

Cameron again: “Politicians ‘broadcast’ our views across the airwaves and we are often reminded of our words, forced to account for them and – more than occasionally – made to retract or even eat them. That’s a thoroughly good thing. Those responsible for popular culture shouldn’t object to the same scrutiny and challenge.”

Lethal Bizzle, for those that don’t know (Pow!), is a successful London rapper and label boss. David Cameron is the great new hope of Britain’s Conservative party. His original comments (including a swipe at Tim Westwood’s BBC rap show) can be found here. Bizzle’s defence of rap and Westwood is what prompted the comments from Cameron, who was misinformed enough to misquote Bizzle in a national newspaper.

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