“Lyrics” top search engines again

“Lyrics” top search engines again

Even I was surprised by the recent announcement by Infospace that “lyrics” was the most searched term on Dogpile.com so far in 2005. Services such as WordTracker often rank “lyrics” in the top ten searches. But snatching the n° 1 spot is something else! Dogpile compiles the results of the major search engines including Yahoo and Google. If you thought Tsunami, al-Qaeda or Crazy Frog were the big issues this year, take a look at this list. The figures, incidentally, only reflect US searches for some reason.

Top 10                            Top Celebrities
1.  Music Lyrics                  1.    Paris Hilton (2)
2.  Paris Hilton                  2.    Carmen Electra (15)
3.  Google                        3.    Pamela Anderson (20)
4.  eBay                          4.    Jessica Simpson (21)
5.  Yahoo                         5.    Britney Spears (24)
6.  Mapquest                      6.    50 Cent (32)
7.  Games Cheat                   7.    Lindsey Lohan (36)
8.  Games                         8.    Jennifer Lopez (39)
9.  Dogs                          9.    Green Day (42)
10. Top 100 Baby Names            10.   Eminem (45)

Source: Infospace

One thing I’m not sure about: why are people going to a search engine like Dogpile to find Google and Yahoo?

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