Kate Bush on lyrics and diarrhoea

Kate Bush on lyrics and diarrhoea

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Little boy reviewers worldwide are quivering: a new Kate Bush album has been released. Why quiver? This article on OHM is a good summary of the Bush phenomenon – or rather the relationship of little boys to the mystery woman. Yet this image is misleading at best, as she demonstrates when talking about lyrics and diarrhea.

It’s true that Kate Bush has always been the untouchable, a woman somehow outside the realms of ordinary pop. Her infrequent releases do nothing to dim her aura – quite the contrary. But when she does sit down for the very occasional interview, she can be blunt.

Talking about lyrics to Record Mirror, she once said, “Some lyrics take a long time to come, others just come out like diarrhoea… If you’re writing a song… then you have a responsibility to (the fans). It’s important to give them a positive message (which) is far more effective than having a wank and being self-pitiful.”

Read lyrics by Michael Leahy

6 thoughts on “Kate Bush on lyrics and diarrhoea

  1. I sometimes get attacks of verbal diarrhoea, which can be irritating but not quite such a nuisance.

  2. I think we have enough diarrhoea comments for this thread already, thanks!

    Meanwhile, I was reading the other day that an ex-boyfriend is claiming he is the inspiration for Kate Bush’s “The Man With the Child in his Eyes”. It must be a bit weird people coming out of the woodwork like that!

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